PTA Financial Procedures



A Romona PTA Expense Form must be completed for either reimbursements or vendor check requests.  


Complete all the information on the form and attach receipts and/or invoices.  Please allow 24-48 hours for Zelle reimbursements and 3-5 business days for checks to be processed.


IMPORTANT!  The PTA does NOT reimburse sales tax.  When making a purchase for the PTA, please present the PTA Tax Letter to the store/vendor at the point of sale.




Check Deposits

Check deposits may be placed in the Treasurer's mailbox, located in the main office at Romona along with the completed PTA Check Deposit Form.


Check Deposits must be submitted within 10 days of collection.  Please make sure to copy each of the checks submitted and attach them to your completed Check Deposit Form.  If you are collecting money over a longer period of time, i.e. Membership, please submit multiple deposit forms.


Cash Deposits 

Romona PTA Cash Deposit Form must be submitted for all cash deposits.


All Cash Deposits must be coordinated directly with the Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer.  All cash deposits will need to be re-counted in person by the Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer at the time of delivery.  Please allow time for this.


Cash Deposits must be made within 2 DAYS of receiving the cash.  


For event-related deposits, the Committee Chair will need to contact the Treasurer at at least one week prior to the event to coordinate collection/deposit.  No money is to be left unattended.



Cash Boxes and Opening Bank Form


If you require a cash box for your event, please complete a Cash Box Request Form.  This form should be completed and returned to the Treasurer's mailbox, located in the main office at Romona, 5 days prior to the event.  Please contact the Treasurer,, to alert that a cash box request has been made.  The Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer will contact you when the cash box is ready to be picked up.  If you are unsure of the dollar amount needed please contact the Treasurer or the person who handled the event the prior year.



Request for Budget increase


If you feel your event/committee may need a budget increase, please contact the President,, and the Treasurer,, in writing 20 days prior to the next PTA Executive Board meeting or the request must wait until the following month.


Event Money Collection Procedures



Please contact Treasurer