Civics and Safety

The Civics and Safety committee at Romona conducts various programs to help children be safe. Bike safety training events are held in collaboration with the Wilmette Police Department to illustrate the importance of Bike safety.


Bike Safety Training

2nd graders can bring their bike or scooter to school at this event usually held during a school day in May. They will participate in a rules-of-the-road bike safety training program in a mock road course set up on the playground blacktop. A representative from the Wilmette Police Department is on hand to illustrate the importance of bike safety. Bringing your bike is encouraged but optional, however all students should bring a bike helmet since helmet safety techniques will be demonstrated.


Bike to Highcrest

This is an annual event for 4th Graders that occurs after school hours toward the end of May, teaching students how to safely bike to/from Highcrest Middle School. Students will review the route to Highcrest, ride their bikes in teams (with parent volunteers) and be greeted by a Highcrest administrator at the bike racks. The purpose of this event is to teach the preferred bike route and review important bike safety information.


Questions?  Contact our Civics and Safety Liaison