The Parent Association for Student Services (PASS) in District 39 is a parent organization committed to supporting parents of children with learning, behavioral, emotional and developmental challenges. There’s a Parent Handbook available with great resources. Parents nights out are planned. Meetings with district staff covering relevant topics within D39 fostering ongoing communication between parents and D39.  For more information, please visit the PASS39 Website or to be added to a private Facebook group, email


PASS39 is ready to kick off the school year with THE PARENTS!  Isn’t it our turn to have some fun? 

This parent only event involves ice cream from Homers and an intro on the goals District 39 has this year for children receiving special services.

Kristin Swanson (Administrator for Student Services) and Taylor Harvey (Assistant Director for students and Special Services) will be present for this event.

**Also, keep your calendars open for our Parent Coffee on Tuesday, September 20th 9:30-11:00. More details will be revealed in our  PASS39 newsletter which will be released next week.

Not sure what PASS39 is? Please click on the link below in the comment section. Thank you!!